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​Trade finance clients benefit from a full package of banking facilities. Although we remain flexible, typically we provide facilities of between Euro 50.00 / Euro 100 million onwards. Our services include:

Letters of credit
SBLC / Guarantees and issuance of bonds
Documentary collections
Project Funding
Hedge Finance
Funding against Sovereign Guarantee
Working capital finance
Letters of credit
Bridging finance
Acquisition finance
Currency and interest rate hedging through FX and derivatives
Hedge Finance
Funding against Sovereign Guarantee

Terms of engagement:
Minimum project price 30 Million Euro/USD (not include land price)

1. Basic requirement is 10% cash seed capital & above of loan to be available by client
2. 10 years loan & repayment of the capital at loan maturity date.
3. About 6% yearly interest rate to be paid once a year. The interest rate will be defined due to Standard & Poor country credit rating.
4. Administration and due diligence fee as it will be defined in term sheet and subject to location or volume of the loan. The fee is payable on funds receipt or deductible from the loan proceeds.
5. Security will be provided in the form of pledge on company’s assets / mortgage of assets & personal guarantee is required.


Submit Following Documents:-
1. Business plan in Euro / USD only (Enclosed)
2. Proposal Form (Enclosed)
3. Proof of funds for the 10% hard cash equity in Promoters / Companies name of the loan amount in Prime Bank or 20% in case funds are held in others.

Upon approval client receives term sheet within 72 hours.
Client signs the term sheet, send all documentation per DD requirement Letter & due diligence commences. After receiving positive report of due diligence, client receives formal loan agreement to be signed along with commitment letter within 18-21 days.
Client blocks his 10% (Block Funds) cash in his bank account or issues SBLC/BG via MT-760 (Prime Bank only) within 5-6 days of signing the loan agreement
Or Alternatively the 20% will be delivered in the form of a bank Guarantee / block funds to the lender bank in case client bank is not prime bank .
Client receives the first tranche loan as per request within 45 days of delivering SBLC or Block Funds

Asset types
Renewable Energy Geothermal power plants; Waste-to-energy plants; Biomass power plants; Forest; Wind farms; Bio-diesel Power plants;
Bio-ethanol Power plants
Waste disposal plants and solar plants
Water Assets
Dams pipelines
Desalination plants water purification plants
Sewage system Hydro-electric power station
Shipping/port Infrastructure
Natural Resources – Energy Assets
Oil iron ore
Gas Gravel pits.